What is a Destination Wedding?

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When most people think of the term, “Destination Wedding”, they picture luxury weddings in the south of France or on a tropical island in the Caribbean. While that definitely is one type of destination-style wedding, we wanted to shed some light on the all-encompassing idea that is a “Destination Wedding”.

A destination wedding, simply put, is a wedding that takes place outside of the city or town that the soon-to-be-married couple currently lives in! So whether a wedding takes place at a location an hour away from the couple’s current hometown or a few states away, it is considered a destination. Another defining characteristic of a destination wedding is if most, or all, of the guests need to travel from out-of-town to attend the wedding.


Destination Weddings at Windridge Estate

So now that we have a clearer idea of what exactly a destination wedding is, let’s talk about how you can have one with us at Windridge Estate! Many of our couples come from the NYC area or out-of-state to have their wedding at the estate, which classifies their weddings as a destination. At the estate, we host Wedding Weekends, which allow our couples to enjoy their wedding celebration in a relaxed and easy-paced way over the course of 3 days.

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When you have a weekend wedding at Windridge Estate, depending on the size of your event, you and some of your guests have the option to stay overnight at the property. Our Farmer Cottage can host up to 10 guests for the weekend, making it perfect for you and your wedding party or family to stay in. 

The Farmer Cottage is great for accommodating guests of Petite Mariage weddings or the wedding party. While for larger weddings, we will provide you and your guests with a list of 5-star hotels located, close by, in our charming village town of Cazenovia. This will give you and your guests that more typical feeling of attending a destination wedding that is also like a mini vacation for all of you! 

We hope that this has helped shed some light on what exactly a destination-style wedding is and how easy it is to have one at Windridge Estate! 


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Venue: Windridge Estate RedBarn 20 | Cover Image by: Michelle McGrady Photography


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